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Baby and Belly Cast
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Baby and Belly Casts

We are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Tina Watkins and Baby-Bellys, the First Belly Cast sculptor in Central Florida to offer her unique services to mothers to be. She has provider her unique services to "A-list" celebrities, including Orlando's Westgate owner's wife, Jacqueline Siegel. A belly cast is a wonderfully unique 3-dimensional sculpture celebrating your full pregnant belly.

Other than a photo of your sonogram, a Baby-Bellys sculpture is the only keepsake you can own forever of when your baby was still growing inside you.

A spa atmosphere is created in her private studio with dimmed lighting, scented candles, soothing music and even a warm cup of specially blended Pregnancy Tea or a bottle of cold water.

You are pampered for about an hour while I create your one of a kind sculpture. This is an experience you will treasure forever.

Please enjoy all the photos and information in my website and call as soon as you know that you would like a Baby-Bellys sculpture made to reserve the very best time for you.



Jacqueline Siegel with Baby Bellys founder, Tina Watkins

Please check back soon for samples of her work in our belly cast photo gallery! Please feel free to call us for any questions.

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