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Ultrasound Services

Our Ultrasound Services


There is evidence that 3D/4D ultrasounds increase the bond between baby and expecting mother and also allows the father a more direct means of experiencing the pregnancy. For those "hi-risk" mothers, the ultrasound session provides a unique opportunity to encourage a change in the mother's behavior after seeing their baby (ie. quit smoking or drinking), increases the maternal social network, and helps expecting mothers to realize the importance of taking care of one's own health during pregnancy. We therefore offer an array of services as means of providing ample opportunity for expecting parents to become educated on the benefits of a healthy pregnancy.

In addition to our 3D/4D ultrasound services, we offer full diagnostic ultrasounds under our For Life Imaging Division, a Florida State Health Care Clinic overseen by a Florida State Board Certified Radiologist. If your prenatal care provider request that you have an diagnostic ultrasound, you have the option and the right to elect where you go for that ultrasound. We invite you for the opportunity to book your diagnostic obstetric ultrasound with us. Full diagnostic ultrasounds that include and are not limited to cardiac, pelvic, and abdominal ultrasounds are also available. Please call us to schedule your appointment.

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