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Level One Diagnostic Services

Prenatal Impressions Pregnancy Spa and Ultrasound Center, in partnership with For Life Imaging, a Florida State Registered Health Care Center is pleased to offer Level One diagnostic services. We provide our services to many expectant families desiring to complete their ultrasound in a more family-centered, patient-focused environment.

When spending your money for a diagnostic fetal ultrasound, you will no longer be rushed through the procedure. And, the fee for an exam at For Life Imaging is over 50 percent less than the common cost of an obstetric sonogram at other institutions in the Central Florida area. For Life Imaging employs only registered diagnostic sonographers of the ARDMS. Once the diagnostic ultrasound is complete the reports of all findings are forwarded to the Florida State Board Certified Radiologist for review and then will generate a report for your physician or prenatal care provider. The fetal sonogram is performed abdominally.

Fetal Anatomy Screening with Fetal Measurements
This is a very thorough scan to check the baby's 4 chamber heart, brain, spine, bowel, kidneys, bladder, 3V cord, cord insertion and limbs to detect any abnormalities. This can never completely guarantee that the baby will be normal but it gives very strong reassurance. We also check the placenta,and amniotic fluid. If requested the sex is determined on this scan.
Fetal Measurements (Weight, (EDD) Estimated Due Date)
On this scan we measure the baby's head, abdomen and limbs. We get an estimate of the weight of the baby. This gives a guide to how big the baby is.
Fetal Position
This scan is done closer to the end of pregnancy to assure the physician that the baby is in the vertex position (head down).
Placenta Location
We check for placenta previa, placenta tearing or placenta bleeding.
Amniotic Fluid Volume Assement
This is to check for polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid), or oligohydramnios (too little amniotic fluid)
Biophysical Profiles
This is a GREAT tool to check for fetal well being. We will check for fetal movement, breathing, flexsion, heart excelleration, and amniotic fluid.
Cervical Length Check
If you are at risk of premature birth then we can scan to assess the length of the uterine cervix. This can be done at any stage from 16 weeks but is most useful at 18 - 21 weeks of pregnancy with a full bladder.

Available at Prenatal Impressions, For Life Imaging is also offering other full diagnostic services which include:

  • Cardiac complete (Echocardiogram) with Doppler/Doppler Color
  • Carotids and Vertebral Arteries, complete, Duplex
  • Arterial Duplex*, Upper or Lower Extremities Complete
  • Venous Duplex*, Upper or Lower Extremities Complete
  • Upper Abdominal Complete
  • Retro-peritoneal Complete** (Kidneys, urinary tract, aorta)
  • Pelvic Complete (trans-abdominal, trans-vaginal)
  • Scrotum (Testicles), Breast, Thyroid
  • Prostate( Transrectal dedicated probe)
  • Extremity Soft Tissue Ultrasound, Two Dimensional

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