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Platinum Package Details
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Mother's Favorite Package
Our Platinum Package is our premier package that is perfect opportunity for parents who wish to capture amazing detail of their baby! See your baby smile, yawn, pout and react to your voice. A wonderful and unique opportunity for those closest to you to bond with your baby in no comparable manner.

This package includes two sessions, each including a 30 minute 3D/4D ultrasound fully recorded with music on a DVD and a CR-ROM containing ALL the 3D ultrasound images we capture throughout the duration of your ultrasound session (average between 30 to 100 photos). In addition, you will receive 35% off a 3D/4D package of your choice if you elect to return during the same pregnancy (*excludes any special promoted packages already discounted, the Weekday Special and Sneak Peek Package). We perform these ultrasounds and provide you with a 100% the best images and video with the give scenario. If for any reason your baby is being uncooperative, we'll bring you back again at no extra charge, to be 100% assured that we provide you with only the best images!

Wish to confirm what you are having? We will perform a Gender Determination ultrasound at no additional cost!

We recommend your appointments to take place as follows:
First Session: Between 18 and 27 weeks
Second Session: Between 28 and 34 weeks

  • DVD Recording of entire session with music
    • Background Music Customizable with Your Own Personal Playlist. Call for details.
    • 30 minute 3D/4D ultrasound session
    • Gender Determination included at no additional cost (at your request)

  • CD-ROM of ALL your 3D ultrasound images we captured throughout your session. (Average of 30 to 100 3D ultrasound images)

  • A total of 8 (eight) color 3D ultrasound photos printed on high lab quality photo paper per session ***NO FADING ULTRASOUND PAPER!***

  • Complimentary Diaper Bag Exclusively Available at our office which includes:
    • Breastfeeding Resources and Accessories
    • Various National and Local Print Publications
    • Milk
    • Diapers
    • Collectable Peter Rabbit Baby Bowl
    • "As Your Baby Grows" Educational Booklet
    • Miscellaneous Other Products and Discounts valued at $200

  • 10% OFF on any 3D/4D Ultrasound Package for the same pregnancy (restrictions apply)
  • Live Online Interactive Broadcasting Available. Your family and friends can share the experience of your 3D/4D ultrasound. They can chat among themselves about what they are seeing live as we perform your ultrasound now only $10. (The only facility with interactive chat, live 4D ultrasound online broadcasting in Central Florida. Require 24 hour notice to activate.)

Please call us at if you need any help in choosing the best package for you and we will be happy to offer advice and recommendations based on your personal requests.

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*Package contents subject to change based on availability without notice.
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